Our Mission

Encourage collaboration among surgeons, physicians, and integrated healthcare workers who treat the disease of obesity. Promote prevention, education, and treatment of obesity in the state of Connecticut. Improve the access to care for all individuals irrespective of race, religion, or social status.

Society Achievements

  • Established the Connecticut State Chapter in 2012
  • Continuously built our participation by surgeons
  • Expanded our membership to include Integrated Health members performing mental health and nutritional treatments.
  • Established a collaboration with the bariatric medical community
  • Supported, sponsored, and organized the Walk From Obesity in Connecticut along with Bristol Hospital
  • Organized the first statewide and specialty wide Obesity Summit in 2018
  • Collaborated and coordinated a combined meeting with The American College of Surgeons in Connecticut
  • Created an organization that inclusive to all private practices and hospital systems
  • Began discussions with political entities to help promote legislation for the improvement of obesity treatment in Connecticut, to the thanks of Senator Bertel

List of Presidents

The chapter was created with the hard work of Dr. Carlos Barba and the financial support provided by Dr. Craig Floch and Dr. Neil Floch

Dr. Jonathan Aranow

Dr. Aziz Benbrahim

Dr. Neil Floch